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Bell Rogue: 50% Open Face, 50% Full Face, 100% Creepy


Bell Rogue Helmet

Remember Honda's attempts to make their Fury chopper edgy? Bell is taking a similar approach with their new Rogue helmet, which they're pitching as an open face that bridges the gap between open and full face.

The new lid, which retails at $249, incorporates an adjustable and detachable "muzzle" which Bell says offers wind protection; they also suggest it adds an "ominous-look to the Rogue, ideal for the attitude and lifestyle synonymous with the cruiser category." The three-quarter helmet's "muzzle" is molded from thermoplastic polyurethane, incorporates air vents and a removable fleece liner, and attaches using what Bell calls a FidLock magnetic connection system. The helmet itself is available in black, matte black, Army green, and solid gunny, and will be available in March.

No official word on whether the so-called muzzle offers any crash protection, but it's fair to say the feature is more of a style differentiator than a face-saving safety feature.


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