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2014 Honda CTX700: Inseam-Friendly NC700X Variants for the Touring Cruiser Set


2014 Honda CTX700N
2014 Honda NC700X in red

If you dig reasonably economical touring bikes but are put off by the Honda NC700X's adventure-focused personality or its 32.7 inch seat height, you might appreciate the new-for-2014 CTX700. Based on an NC700X platform with the same 670cc parallel-twin canted forward 62 degrees for mass centralization, this horizontally stretched ride offers a lower seat height of 28.3 inches and a (now) more approachable starting price of $6,999.

Sadly, as with the NC700X, ABS is bundled with a dual-clutch transmission. The small fairing-equipped CTX700 (seen above) starts at $7,799, or $8,799 for the CTX700D with ABS and a dual-clutch transmission. The CTX700 is also available in naked form, starting at $6,999 for the CTX700N model, or $7,999 for the CTX700ND with ABS and a dual-clutch transmission. Both bikes should hit showrooms this Spring...

In related news, the NC700X has finally been renewed for the 2013 model year, and is now available in red-- not exactly groundbreaking news, though the strong-selling upright tourer does switch around its pricing in the process, swelling from $6,999 to $7,499 for the base model, while the ABS/DCT equipped version shrinks from $8,999 to $8,499.


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