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2014 Indian Motorcycle Chief Classic Review: 112 Years Later...


2014 Indian Chief Classic

Most people associate the Indian Motorcycle company with curved fenders, Steve McQueen, and a tumultuous history of ownership that seemed destined to relegate the brand to oblivion.

Thankfully for nostalgics (and Harley haters alike), the 112 year-old American manufacturer is back, with traditionalist styling wrapped tightly around modern touches like cruise control, ABS, and wireless key fobs.

Presented with a choice of Indian's three model lineup, I decided to skip the Chief Vintage because, frankly, I'm allergic to tassles, while sidestepping the Chieftain because long distance rides simply weren't in my future.

So, what did I think of the last man standing, the Chief Classic?

Read my impressions in this 2014 Indian Motorcycle Chief Classic Review.


Photo © Basem Wasef

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