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Basem Wasef

Basem Wasef

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Basem Wasef's two-wheeled experiences include everything from $150 mini-bikes to V8-powered cruisers, and you might be surprised to find out which one he prefers.


Basem is a graduate of Freddie Spencer's School of High Performance Riding, and has also participated in automotive courses including the Porsche Driving Experience and Skip Barber. When not working on About.com, he contributes to magazines including Robb Report Motorcycling, DUB, and Popular Mechanics.

Basem recently wrote and photographed his first book, Legendary Motorcycles, (compare prices) which was published in 2007 by Motorbooks, International. Legendary Motorcycles focuses 26 chapters on the most historically significant bikes in existence, including motorcycles made famous by Steve McQueen, Burt Munro, and Evel Knievel.

In addition to his print work, Basem has also produced transportation programming for Spike TV, Speed Channel, and Edmunds.com, working on shows such as NOPI Tunervision, Life in the Fast Lane with Steve Natt, and Redline TV.


A member of the Motor Press Guild and an avid motorcyclist, Basem continually updates his base of knowledge by researching and testing the newest bikes on the market.

While he attended UCLA and graduated with a B.A. in English, Basem considers his real education a never-ending process of learning about the latest motorcycle technologies, trends, and techniques.

By Basem Wasef:

I'm committed to bringing the most accurate and timely information on motorcycling to everyone from the greenest of newbies to the most seasoned enthusiasts. From safety tips and riding techniques to how-tos and buyer's guides, I look forward to sharing my two-wheeled knowledge with you.

During this time when motorcycles are more visible than ever, I feel it's an honor to share the most up to date and comprehensive industry information, while offering a sounding board for those interested in learning more about motorcycling.

While my experience has included reviewing lots of expensive, exotic machines, nothing will quite match the feeling of learning how to ride a mini-bike when I was in fourth grade; it's that unadulterated thrill of riding I hope to celebrate with About.com.

Enjoy the ride, and keep the shiny side up!

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