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Photo Gallery: 2010 Confederate P120 Fighter Black Flag

One of the world's most expensive bikes is also one of the most head-turning


Behold the $80,000 Confederate Black Flag, a limited edition version of the $72,000 P120 Fighter. For those beaucoup bucks, you get:

>>Click here for a 2010 Confederate Black Flag Review<<

Images 1-12 of 36
Confederate Black FlagActionConfederate Black Flag Front ViewFrontConfederate Black FlagRearConfederate Black FlagHigh Angle
Confederate Black FlagLeftConfederate Black Flag EngineThe Engine's Less Pretty SideConfederate Black Flag Engine120 CIConfederate Black Flag CockpitCockpit
Confederate Black Flag Air IntakeAir IntakeConfederate Black FlagOilConfederate Black FlagOil, BlendedConfederate Black FlagPrimary
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