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Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo Long Term Update #1: Say Hello to Fatty!


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Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo Long Term Update #1: Meet Fatty
2011 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo

The 2011 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo.

Photo © Basem Wasef

What's it like to live with a bike for a year?

I've shacked up with a Honda Gold Wing and a Triumph Bonneville SE for four seasons, and now it's time to get to know our newest long term loaner as voted by you: the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo.

The Goods: Meet the Fat Boy Lo

The Fat Boy Lo was introduced in 2009 as one of ten new-for-2010 models, a lineup which saw the biggest new bike intro in Harley history. Though it's got all the signature cues of the Fat Boy family—- rolled fenders, bullet hole disc wheels wrapped in thick rubber, a rigid mounted frame and a hardtail-look Softail suspension, among other features—- the "Lo" moniker refers to the bike's low-slung stance. The Fat Boy Lo's 24.25 inch saddle* was the lowest seat height available in Harley's 2010 lineup, and while that honor has since been reclaimed by the new-for-2011 Blackline (with its 24 inch saddle), the seriously squat Fat Boy is still intended to satisfy both style savvy, experienced riders and… ahem, the vertically challenged.

Power comes from a fuel injected, air-cooled and counterbalanced Twin Cam 96B V-twin mated to a 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission, and the mill is fed by a five gallon fuel tank. Peak power comes in at 93.7 ft-lb of torque at 3,000 rpm, and the 1,584 cc engine averages 35 mpg city, and 54 mpg highway according to the EPA.

The 2011 Fat Boy Lo is priced at $16,299 in Vivid Black and $16,674 in Brilliant Silver Pearl, Black Denim, or White Hot Denim. New features for 2011 include hand controls with fewer wires, an odometer with a trip switch, a single hazard button, and a larger odometer readout that can display gear position and engine rpms.

My test bike is finished in white, and includes the new-for-2011 Security Package Option ($1,195), which bundles a hands-free security fob and anti-lock brakes, which were previously unavailable on Softail models due to packaging challenges.

* Seat height is 24.25 inches laden; unladen, seat height measures 26.4 inches

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