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2011 BMW F800R Review: One Buff, Balanced Beemer


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Introduction: When Niche Become Normal
2011 BMW F800R

The 2011 BMW F800R, ready to ride.

Photo © Basem Wasef
Until recently, naked middleweight motorcycles like the 2011 BMW F800R were few and far between. But enter 2011, and there are more options than ever in this arena.

The new-for 2011 F800R joins Aprilia's Shiver, Ducati's Monster 796, Yamaha's FZ8 and Triumph's Street Triple R as sporty offerings with exposed mechanical bits. This bike type harkens back to an era pioneered by the Honda CB-series, motorcycles which delivered honest, comfortable performance and styling you could see through.

The F800R expands the BMW portfolio that's now graced with everything from the S1000RR superbike to the versatile R1200GS-- how does it exude that certain BMW personality, and what is its place within this growing segment? Read on to find out.

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