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2011 BMW F800R Review: One Buff, Balanced Beemer


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Swing a Leg Over: Stripped Down Body, Information Galore
2011 BMW F800R

A rider's view of the BMW F800R.

Photo © Basem Wasef
Step up to the BMW F800R, and this naked bike presents an interesting dichotomy: on one hand, it's got a minimalist body, with plenty of space around the parallel twin engine, a big exhaust can with a bare metal finish, and a purposeful black aluminum frame which compements the industrial looking asymmetrical headlights.

But swing a leg over, and the F800R's instrumentation is a totally different deal: though there's nothing more than a small flyscreen to protect you from wind (not to mention an unsexy clear brake fluid reservoir that's mounted rather high), the dashboard is an information-rich display with an analog speedometer and tachometer, and an LCD section which offers everything from trip computer and fuel consumption information to gear position and outside temperature (down to a tenth of a degree!) My test bike featured options which enabled those extras, plus heated grips and ABS. One point of note: the black plastic strip that runs across the top of the fuel tank is easily scratched, making belt buckles and exposed zippers a no-no.

Climb onboard, and the F800R's riding posture is upright but sporty, with footpegs that are positioned relatively rearward and handlebars which require a slight tilt forward.

How does she ride?.

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