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10 Great Commuter Motorcycles Under $10,000


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10 Great Commuter Motorcycles Under $10,000 - Honda CBR250R ($4,099)
10 Great Commuter Motorcycles Under $10,000
Thomas T./Flickr
There's nothing quite like commuting to work on a motorcycle: after a two-wheeled morning blast, you're likely to arrive refreshed and ready for the day in a totally different way than you would in a car. With that kind of invigoration, who needs coffee?

Given the benefits of riding to work which, on top of the emotional intangibles includes fuel savings and easy parking, here's a list of 10 Great Commuter Motorcycles Under $10,000, in ascending order of price.

Our selection kicks off with the Honda CBR250R, which comes in at an affordable $4,099, or $4,599 with ABS. Though the CBR250R is known first as a beginner bike, its got a long list of attributes that make this back-to-basics sportbike a good fit for commuting: the CBR250R's fuel-injected engine makes for quick, easy starts on cold mornings, and its torquey single-cylinder engine is capable of a claimed 77 mpg. Although it lacks the passing power of bigger bikes, the CBR's 3.4-gallon tank enables a theoretical range of 261 miles. Because comfortable ergonomics are key to making a bike work for commuting purposes, you'll want to try a CBR250R on for size before choosing one for your daily trek to the office-- and since Honda doesn't have factory accessories (yet) for a taller windscreen and saddlebags, a visit to aftermarket suppliers will likely be in order.


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