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How to Test Ride Used Motorcycles


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How to Test Ride a Used Motorcycle - Be Prepared
How to Test Ride Used Motorcycles
Photo © Getty Images
So you've learned how to ride a motorcycle and are thinking about buying a bike? Purchasing a used motorcycle is a great choice for the first-time bike owner, but it's important to choose wisely so you're not stuck with something you'll regret.

First off, don't show up to a test ride unprepared: bringing the proper safety gear will not only show the seller you're a responsible rider, it will protect you in case something goes wrong.

Dealerships will likely have you fill out insurance paperwork before you take a bike off the lot, so don't be surprised if you're asked to fill out a form before you hit the road. If you're buying from a private party, make sure you're interested in the motorcycle before you take it out for a spin; there's no reason to needlessly risk damage to the bike (or yourself, for that matter.)

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