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Photo Gallery: 1936 Henderson

Flowing, art deco lines distinguish this elegant classic bike


This pristine 1936 Henderson is based on a 1930 bike presumed to be the 100 mph Streamline model, and was built by O. Ray Courtney.

Currently owned by Frank Westfall (who occasionally throws a leg over its curvaceous bodywork), the Henderson is powered by an inline-4 cylinder powerplant whose spark plugs are barely visible through a mesh cover just below the frame.

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Classic MotorcycleProfileClassic MotorcyclesOver the SeatClassic MotorcycleRear 3/4Classic MotorcycleRiding
Classic MotorcyclesFlowClassic MotorcyclesSplit ViewClassic MotorcycleTaillamp and WingClassic MotorcycleShifter
Classic MotorcycleFront 3/4Classic MotorcycleGrilleClassic MotorcycleRearClassic MotorcycleDash
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