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Photo Gallery: The 1995 Ferrari 900cc Motorcycle

A Bike Built in Tribute to Italian Legend Enzo Ferrari


According to auction house Bonhams, this built-from-scratch motorcycle was the brainchild of MV Agusta guru David Kay, who conceived of the bike as a tribute to Enzo Ferrari. In a letter enclosed with the motorcycle which will be auctioned soon, Enzo's son Piero granted Kay "the approval to place the Ferrari badge on your motorbike"

The product of 3,000 hours of labor, this one-off bike features:

  • A tubular chassis constructed of Reynolds 531 alloy
  • A 900cc four-cylinder engine that produces 105 horsepower
  • A dry weight of 379 lbs
  • A top speed of 165 mph

Scheduled for auction on December 20, 2008, this unusual motorcycle is expected to fetch around $300,000.

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