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Intel / Orange County Choppers Photo Gallery - Images of the OCC Intel Chopper


A collaboration between technology giant Intel and the custom bike gurus at Orange County Choppers, this wild one-off chopper was built in order to celebrate Intel's 30 year involvement in embedded computing (which refers to non-desktop, laptop, or mainframe applications.)

The bike features a ruggedized control unit built by Black Diamond Advanced Technology which incorporates digital gauges, integrated audio and video systems, GPS navigation, and wireless connectivity. Cameras replace rear-view mirrors, and the bike doesn't need a key because it uses fingerprint recognition technology to distinguish its owner.

Just as impressive as its technology is the chopper's V-Quad engine (inspired by the Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 5300 that powers the bike's computer system.) Built by Nelson Engineering, the powerplant is essentially two conjoined V-Twins, and produces an astounding 250 horsepower. A massive 240mm front and 300mm rear tire round out this ambitiously constructed bike.

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Intel / Orange County Choppers Bike Photo - Low Front 3/4 Angle OCC ImageIntel / Orange County Choppers Bike - Rear 3/4 AngleIntel / Orange County Choppers Bike Seat - High Angle Shot of OCC Intel BikeTop View of Intel / Orange County Choppers Bike - OCC Intel High Angle Shot
Intel / Orange County Choppers Engine - Shot of OCC / Intel Engine
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