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Photo Gallery: Subaru WRX-Powered KickBoxer Concept Motorcycle

Subaru's intercooled WRX engine mated to a futuristic bike chassis


Ian McElroy rendered these impressive 3-D images of a hypothetical, Subaru WRX-powered motorcycle without prior knowledge of the CAD (Computer Aided Design) software program, Solidworks.

His creation incorporates a stock turbocharged Subaru WRX engine, a single-sided front and rear suspension setup, and a "right angle gearbox" from a Mitsubishi AWD car and Baker Torquebox transmission. The front hub utilizes a rear hub from a 1980s-era GM car, while the rear axle is a modified Datsun 280Z unit.

Images 1-12 of 12
KickBoxer LeftLeft ProfileKickStart Front 3/4Single-Sided SetupsKickBoxer RightRight ProfileKickboxer Rear 3/4Rear 3/4
KickBoxer Engine OverheadBoxer-StyleKickBoxer Rear SubframeRear SubframeKickBoxer OverheadOverheadKickBoxer Torque BoxBaker Torque Box
KickBoxer DetailsDetailsKickboxer Wheel5Zigen WheelKickBoxer ClutchClutch LeverKickBoxer High AngleHigh Angle
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