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2012 Star Stratoliner Deluxe Review


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What's New: Out with the Art Deco, In with the Garmin
2012 Star Stratoliner Deluxe Review

The 2012 Star Stratoliner Deluxe is priced at $17,990.

Photo © Brian J. Nelson
The Star Motorcycles brand was launched by Yamaha in 2005, and at last count, their lineup features twelve cruisers including the mighty V-Max and the new-for-2012 limited edition Raider SCL.

Updated for 2012, the Stratoliner Deluxe gets a price bump from $17,490 to $17,990, but also gains a new Garmin zumo 665 GPS unit, which integrates with the Strat's speaker system and can connect via Bluetooth to an optional headset for navigation and cell phone connectivity. With a monthly subscription, the Garmin can also be enabled for Sirius/XM satellite radio, traffic information, weather radar, and road condition warnings.

The '12 model now enables iPhone/iPod audio controls via buttons on the handgrip which links to devices hidden in a new closeable, weather proof compartment. The two fairing-mounted speakers are now chrome-lined, and other subtle updates include the loss of the precedessor's art deco-treatment on the fuel tank, the removal of the front fender stay, and a new color, liquid silver-- oh, and if you want yours in any other hue, good luck and best wishes. Silver is the only option.

The Stratoliner Deluxe's underpinnings remain mean and not-so-lean, including an air-cooled, fuel-injected 1,854cc v-twin mated to a 5-speed transmission, a pair of color-matched locking sidebags, and a fairing equipped with a short windscreen.

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