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An Illustrated Guide to Motorcycle Helmet Types

How to pick the lid that's right for you


If you're looking for ways to protect your noggin, you've got your head in the right place: wearing a helmet is the easiest way to avoid life threatening injuries while you ride a motorcycle. And though it's only one small part of motorcycle safety gear, it's arguably the most important.

Lids aren't created the same, so here's a breakdown of the basic types of motorcycle helmets; click on each image for more info.


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Open Face HelmetsOpen FaceHarley Davidson HelmetHalfShoei HelmetsDirt/MotocrossSchuberth HelmetsModular
Arai HelmetsAdventure TouringHJC HelmetsSportTouring HelmetsTouringScooter HelmetsScooter
AGV Race Replica HelmetRace Replica
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