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2012 Honda NC700X: Everything You Need to Know


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Introduction: All About the 2012 Honda NC700X
2012 Honda NC700X

The 2012 Honda NC700X.

Photo © Honda
"What is it?" might be the first question you ask after seeing the 2012 Honda NC700X—an entirely reasonable reaction considering its dirtbike-like front fender, long suspension, and naked hybrid enduro/sportbike styling. Further confusion might stem from the tall touring-style windshield, the available dual-clutch automatic transmission, and the "fuel tank" that flips open to reveal a storage compartment big enough for a full-face helmet.

The NC700X is priced at $6,999, ensuring it doesn’t suffer the fate of another Honda oddity, the DN-01 (which cost more than double that amount, the last time it was available as a 2009 model.) But how do the NC700X's quirks make it potentially compelling to buyers… and more importantly, what exactly is it? Let's take a closer look and find out.

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