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2013 Honda CB1100 Review: Honda Brings Back a Classic


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2013 Honda CB1100

The 2013 Honda CB1100.

Photo © Basem Wasef
Remember the old CB line of motorcycles from Honda?

The Japanese manufacturer is hoping you do. Though their retro-styled CB1100 has been available in Japan for several years now, Honda has finally announced they'll be bringing the CB1100 to the American market-- and I was fortunate enough to sneak an advanced test ride to see if this big bore naked bike is as cool as it looks.

First, a little about the CB1100: sitting on 18-inch wheels with twin rear shocks, this bike is powered by a fuel-injected, air and oil-cooled 1,140cc DOHC inline-4 cylinder engine mated to a 5-speed gearbox with a chain final drive.

Don't let its big displacement fool you: the CB1100 is actually a mild beast with modest engine output and a welcoming seat height of 31.3 inches. The bike is only available in Candy Red, ABS is optional, and available accessories include heated grips, a chrome headlight case, and a rear carrier. Ready to ride, the CB1100 weighs in at 540 pounds, or 549 pounds with ABS.

The 2013 Honda CB1100 is priced at $9,999, or $10,999 with ABS.

How does the CB1100 Ride? Read on.

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