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A Slideshow of European Motorcycle and Scooter Culture


These shots were taken in the late summer of 2007, and feature a few motorcycle and scooter oddities that caught my attention while I was traveling through Europe.

Click on the photos to read my captions, and enjoy!

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Derbi motorcycleTrick DerbiBMW C1 Photo oppTourists Love BMW C1sBMW C1 Enclosed ScooterBMW C1An Odd Finding in Paris
Harley An American in FranceHonda Mini Trail minibikeA Small Bike for Small SidestreetsMontessa motorcycleDust Collector Awaits a RideMontessa motorcycleSharing a Moment at a Crowded Barcelona Intersection
BMW K bikeThe Omnipresent BaguettePiaggio MP3Three Wheelers Rule!moped scooterMopey Mopedsfrankenstein scooterMad Max Scooter
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