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Harley-Davidson's Collection X

Inside H-D's Array of Weird, Wild Wonders


Harley-Davidson Museum Vice President Bill Davidson says that "Harley-Davidson’s rich heritage is filled with many unique and little-known business endeavors," and a few oddities that have been buried deep in H-D's archives are surfacing in an exhibit entitled "Collection X: Weird, Wild Wonders of the Harley-Davidson Museum."

The show will run at Harley's Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from June 11 to August 21, 2011, with a special members-only preview and reception scheduled for June 10 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

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Harley Davidson ArchivesZany Servi-CarHarley Davidson ArchivesMMMM... Beer!Harley Davidson ArchivesBrake Light HelmetHarley Davidson ArchivesFrame Straightener
Harley Davidson ArchivesLeather MaskHarley Davidson ArchivesLeather BikeHarley Davidson ArchivesRocket!Harley Davidson ArchivesMotor Bob
Harley Davidson ArchivesMead Ice YachtHarley Davidson ArchivesRed's MotorboatJD Meets Airplane PropHarley Davidson ArchivesTransformer
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