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How To Inspect and Maintain Motorcycle Tires - A Step by Step Guide


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Inspection & Checking Tire Pressure
How To Inspect and Maintain Motorcycle Tires - A Step by Step Guide

Always check your tire pressure while they're cold, before you start riding.

Photo © Basem Wasef

Under well-lit conditions, look for any signs of punctures (such as nails or shards of glass) which might potentially lead to a loss of pressure or a blowout. Bulging or cracking might also occur on old tires; make sure you roll your bike forward in order to see all surface areas that come in contact with the road.


Tire pressure is especially crucial on motorcycles, and handling and ride quality can change dramatically with small adjustments. Tires also wear more quickly when they're not properly inflated, adding yet another reason to check tire pressure regularly.

The best time to check tire pressure is before you start riding while the tires are cool; once the bike is in motion, tire temperatures warm up, which changes the density and pressure of the air inside.

Always use your owner's manual for recommended PSI levels. If you're using non-standard tire sizes on your bike, go by the pressure figures printed on the sidewall.

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