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2008 BRP Can-Am Spyder Photo Gallery

A Modern Iteration of the Traditional Trike


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The $15,499 BRP Can-Am Spyder ($16,999 with a semi-automatic transmission) features the same two-wheels-up-front setup as the Piaggio MP3, but using a more heavyweight, car-like structure.

Features include:
  • A liquid-cooled BRP-Rotax 990cc V-twin that produces 106 horsepower at 8,500 rpm
  • Power-assisted steering
  • Traction control, stability control, and ABS
  • 11.6 gallons of storage space
  • A fuel capacity of 6.6 gallons
  • A dry weight of 697 lbs
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BRP Can-Am Spyder ActionLean on MeBRP Can Am SpyderRear ActionBRP Can Am Spyder ActionSpyder Action IIBRP Can-Am SpyderSpyder Action
BRP Can-Am SpyderLeft GripBRP Can Am SpyderDashBRP Can-Am SpyderRight GripBRP Can-Am Spyder14s Up Front
BRP Can Am SpyderProfileBRP Can-Am Spyder2-into-12008 BRP Can-Am SpyderSpyder Suspension2008 BRP Can-Am SpyderRed, Silver, or Yellow
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