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A Photo Gallery of the Piaggio MP3 400cc & 500cc Scooter

The Scooter Grows up and Sprouts a Third Wheel


>>Click here for a review of the 2008 Piaggio MP3 Scooter<<

Already commonplace in Europe, three-wheeled scooters like the Piaggio MP3 are taking the U.S. by storm. Their two up-front and single rear wheels lend them surprisingly agile handling, and are available in 250cc ($7,199), 400cc ($8,699), and 500cc ($8,899) variants.

The 400cc and 500cc models seen here are more commuter-oriented than the 250cc version, with the 400cc model in particular offering more underseat storage. A parallelogram suspension enables the MP3 to park on uneven surfaces, and the three-wheeled setup offers more stability than a traditional scooter.

Images 1-12 of 21
Piaggio MP3 ScooterMP3 500 Black2008 Piaggio MP3 500Over the Underseat StoragePiaggio MP3 Instrumentation.Gauges2008 Piaggio MP3 500 StorageAlmost, Not Quite
2008 Piaggio MP3 ScooterLeft Grip2008 Piaggio MP3 CockpitMP3 500 CockpitPiaggio MP3 ScooterRight Grip2008 Piaggio MP3 500 ActionMP3 500 Action
2008 Piaggio MP3 500 ScooterMP3 500 Rear2008 Piaggio MP3 FloorboardMP3 500 Floorboard2008 Piaggio MP3 500 ActionMP3 500 2 Up ActionPiaggio MP3 400cc Park on Anything!
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