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Photo Gallery: 2009 Harley-Davidson XR1200

Harley's Sporty XR1200 is Now Available for the U.S. Market


Harley-Davidson's XR1200 was once unavailable in America, but the Sportster-based sportbike will now be available in a limited run of 750-- a number likely to expand if demand is sufficient.

Features include:


Images 1-12 of 13
Harley XR1200 ActionActionHarley XR1200 Profile29.2 InchesHarley XR1200 Tank DetailTank DetailHarley XR1200 Action BlackBlack in Action
Harley XR1200 GaugesReverse Harley StyleHarley XR1200 EngineAir-Cooled, But PotentHarley XR1200 OverheadOverhead ActionHarley XR1200Nissin Brakes
Harley XR1200Rear 3/4Harley Davidson XR1200Cramped Right Boot AreaHarley Davidson XR1200Engine in Frame2009 Harley XR1200 TankTank
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