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A Photo Gallery of the All-New 2009 Yamaha R1

Yamaha's Top-Dog Supersport Inherits Loads of MotoGP Technology


The all-new 2009 Yamaha R1 boasts loads of innovations and improvements, including:

  • A new engine equipped with a "big bang" firing order inherited from MotoGP, making it the world's first production motorcycle with a crossplane crankshaft. Each crank pin is positioned 90 degrees from the next, creating an uneven firing order of 270-180-90-180 degrees for more linear power delivery.
  • A D-MODE variable throttle control function that enables three levels of engine power delivery
  • A new control filled die-cast frame rail that houses the engine
  • New bodywork with twin projector beam headlights concentrated near newly placed forced air intake ducts.

The 2009 Yamaha R1 will be available in January 2009, and starts at $12,390

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2009 Yamaha R1 WheelieR1 Wheelie2009 Yamaha R1R1 Team Yamaha Blue/White2009 Yamaha R1 Street ActionR1 Street Action2009 Yamaha R1R1 Raven/Candy Red Track
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