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The 2009 Yamaha Star V-Max

The Power Cruiser, Redefined


The Yamaha V-Max made a bold debut in 1984, but the fully redesigned 2009 model is wilder than ever. The 2009 V-Max includes:

The 2009 Yamaha V-Max production run will be limited to only 2,500 bikes, and will include a limited edition, numbered commemorative plate. Retail delivery will begin around late October/early November, and orders will be accepted until then.

The 2009 Yamaha V-Max will be priced at $17,990.

Images 1-12 of 13
2009 Yamaha Star V-MaxV-Max Profile2009 Yamaha Star V-MaxFull Frontal2008 Yamaha Star V-MaxV-Max 3-42009 Yamaha Star V-MaxDramatic Pipes
2009 Yamaha Star V-MaxWrap Around2009 Yamaha Star V-MaxIntake Detail2009 Yamaha Star V-MaxV-Max Taillights2009 Yamaha Star V-MaxV-Four Power
2009 Yamaha Star V-Max4-1-2-42009 Yamaha Star V-MaxMultifunction Display2009 Yamaha Star V-MaxRedline: 9,500 rpm2009 Yamaha Star V-MaxV-Max Carbon Accessories
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