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2010 Honda VFR 1200F Photo Gallery

Pictures and specs on Honda's much-hyped sport tourer


Inspired by the V4 Concept bike, the 2010 Honda VFR 1200F is an all-new sport touring bike that features fluid, sculptural shapes and an innovative drivetrain.

The VFR's liquid-cooled 1,237cc V4 powerplant is Honda's first throttle-by-wire engine, and features a more compact design with Unicam valvetrain design incorporated from Honda's offroad bikes. The engine has an asymmetrical exhaust length, and comes mated to either a dual clutch automatic transmission that can be operated in three modes (and shifted manually), or a slipper clutch-enabled standard transmission. The bike's "dual layer" fairing and bodywork is constructed so no rivets are externally visible.

The 2010 Honda VFR 1200F will be available in Candy Red when it goes on sale in Spring, 2010. Though pricing won't be announced until December 2009, expect this sport tourer to get slapped with a premium price tag.

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2010 Honda VFR1200FFront 3/42010 Honda VFR1200FCockpit2010 Honda VFR1200FEngine in Fairing2010 Honda VFR1200FHeadlight
2010 Honda VFR1200FSingle-Sided Swingarm2010 Honda VFR1200FBrakes2010 Honda VFR1200FNose2010 Honda VFR1200FInstrumentation
2010 Honda VFR1200FNose2010 Honda VFR1200FCockpit, Side2010 Honda VFR1200FRear Light Cluster2010 Honda VFR1200FRear
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