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Photo Gallery: 2010 Victory Cross Roads and Cross Country Motorcycles

Victory builds two atypically styled touring bikes


The 2010 Victory Cross Country (priced at $17,999) and Cross Roads (priced at $15,999) utilize a sand cast aluminum frame and the same air-cooled, 106 cubic inch (1,731cc) engine found in the Vision. The engine produces 92 hp and 109 ft-lbs of torque.

The Cross Country wears a large, fork-mounted fairing, while the Cross Roads incorporates a removable Lexan windshield. Victory claims both bikes have the lowest seats and the lightest weight in their class. Features include:

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CrossesCrossesCross Country ActionCross Country ActionCross Roads Action IICross Roads Action IITogetherTogether
Cross Country SkullsCross Country SkullsCross Country CherryCross Country CherryCross Country BlackCross Country BlackSkull FrontSkull Front
Cross Roads ActionCross Roads ActionCross CountryCross CountryCross Roads RearCross Roads RearCross Roads ProfileCross Roads Profile
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