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Photo Gallery: Brammo Empulse Electric Motorcycle

Brammo introduces a new quicker, cheaper streetfighter-style electric bike


Brammo hit the mainstream market with their Enertia, a $12,000, 50 mph electric bike available at Best Buy. But their new streetfighter-style Empulse raises the bar considerably, featuring:

  • The world's first water-cooled electric powerplant on a motorcycle
  • A top speed 100 mph, and up to 100 miles range on a single charge from a 110 volt outlet
  • Three available models, each with a 100 mph top speed: 6.0 (with a 60 mile range), 8.0 (with an 80 mile range), and 10.0 (with a 100 mile range.)
The Brammo Empulse will start at $9,995, before Federal and State tax credits. The bike is available for pre-orders at Brammo.com, for delivery in 2011.
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Brammo EmpulseActionBrammo EmpulseActionBrammo EmpulseActionBrammo EmpulseRight
Brammo EmpulseLeft Rear 3/4Brammo EmpulseActionBrammo EmpulseRightBrammo EmpulseDetail
Brammo EmpulseActionBrammo EmpulseLeftBrammo EmpulseLeftBrammo EmpulseRight
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