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Photos of the 2008 Suzuki C109R and C109RT Motorcycles

Suzuki's Notorious M190R V-Twin Gets Tweaked and Transplanted


The Suzuki M109R is a compelling power cruiser, but its extreme posture isn't very comfortable for the long haul. Suzuki has offered a more practical alternative by transplanting and tweaking its powerful V-twin and mating it with a more conventional cruiser and tourer setup.

The all-new Suzuki C109R and its touring variant, the C109RT feature:

The 2008 Suzuki C109R cruiser starts at $13,799, and the C109RT touring bike starts at $14,999. For pictures of more Suzuki motorcycles, check out our 2008 Suzuki Lineup Photo Gallery.

Click here for our Full Review of the 2008 Suzuki C109R and C109RT

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Suzuki C109RTSuzuki C109RT Studio ShotSuzuki C109RSuzuki C109R Studio ShotSuzuki C109RT TouringTwo-Up TouringSuzuki C109R and C109RTSuzuki C109R and C109RT
Suzuki C109RTSuzuki C109RT BeautySuzuki C109R BeautySuzuki C109R BeautySuzuki C109RT ActionSuzuki C109RT Action FrontSuzuki C109RT ActionSuzuki C109RT Action Right
Suzuki C109RT ActionSuzuki C109RT Action RearSuzuki C109R FrontSuzuki C109R Action FrontSuzuki C109RSuzuki C109R ActionSuzuki C109R Action ProfileSuzuki C109R Action Profile
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