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Motorcycle Reviews

Reviews and riding impressions of the latest motorcycles on the market.
  1. Automatic Motorcycles (6)
  2. Cruiser Reviews (29)
  3. Dirtbike/Dualsport Reviews (8)
  4. Electric Motorcycle Reviews (8)
  5. Long Term Motorcycle Tests (38)
  6. Motorcycle Sidecar Reviews (1)
  7. Reviews by Manufacturer (229)
  8. Scooter Reviews (14)
  9. Sport Touring Reviews (14)
  10. Sportbike Reviews (39)
  11. Standard Bike Reviews (18)
  12. Supermoto Reviews (3)
  13. Touring Motorcycle Reviews (17)
  14. Trike Reviews (6)

2011 Readers' Choice Awards: Vote for the Winners!
About.com readers vote on the best motorcycle cruisers, sportbikes, touring bikes, and helmets.

A simple, effective tool to compare new motorcycles by type, specification, pricing, and more.

Bike tests, product reviews, and an irreverent attitude about all things two-wheeled.

Ultimate Motorcycling
Ultimate Motorcycling features reviews of the latest bikes and accessories.

Cycle World
Many of Cycle World's new bike reviews and comparison tests are archived online.

New bike reviews written by consumers.

Motorcycle.com's reviews are sorted by manufacturer.

Motorcycle USA
Motorcycle USA's reviews.

Powersports Network
New motorcycle prices, specs, reviews, and photos.

Motorcyclist magazine features online reviews and comparos.

What do Motorcycle Star Ratings Mean?
What do motorcycle star ratings mean?

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