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The 15 Best Motorcycle Roads in America


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The Best Motorcycle Roads in America, #15: Washington Rte. 129 and Oregon Rte. 3
The 15 Best Motorcycle Roads in America
Looking for the greatest motorcycle roads in America? American Motorcyclist took votes on their 230,000 member website and came up with this list of the best places to ride in the U.S.

See how many you've ridden in this list (in ascending order of greatness), and share your personal picks on the best roads in America!

#15: Washington Route 129 and Oregon Route 3, Clarkston, WA to Enterprise, OR

The Pacific Northwest is notorious for its stellar riding roads, and the 85 mile stretch from Clarkston, Washington to Enterprise, Oregon features a little bit of everything: sharp switchbacks on the Anatone Grade, scenic straightaways, and twisting canyons.


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