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2013 Suzuki Hayabusa Review: Go. Stop. Repeat.


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2013 Suzuki Hayabusa Review: Introduction, What's New?
2013 Suzuki Hayabusa Review
Photo © Suzuki
When Suzuki introduced the Hayabusa in 1999, the bulbous beast quickly built a reputation for being among the most swaggerifically fast motorcycles on the planet. The bike has evolved since then; forward to 2013, and the 'Busa is still among the top dog bikes when it comes to outright speed. But for the first time in its 14 year history, the Hayabusa claims a feature it's never boasted of before: anti-lock brakes.

Considering the Hayabusa's tremendous engine output and helmet snapping acceleration, you'd think skid-free stopping might have come sooner to the burly bike. But regardless of the timing, buyers are treated to more than just an ABS module that is purported to only add a few pounds to the Hayabusa's portly 586 pound curb weight. The new radially-mounted Brembo units feature larger pistons for greater stopping force, while also claiming better feel thanks to their monobloc construction.

In other news, the $14,399 sportbike ($14,599 for the yellow limited edition version) delivers the same counterintuitive combination of easy ergonomics and scary engine output as we've come to expect from the Hayabusa: the 31.7-inch seat height is modest by most standards, but the 1,340cc inline-4 produces somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 horsepower, enough oomph to make all but the most die-hard, old school anti-ABSers reconsider their beliefs.

But enough about theory. What's it like to ride this bad boy on the road? Click "Next" to find out.

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