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5 Ways to Stay Cool and Beat the Heat on a Motorcycle


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Tip #1: Ventilate!
How to Stay Cool on a Motorcycle
Photo © Schuberth
Why let summer heat get in the way of your riding? Here are five tips to help you stay cool on two wheels. Check them out, and share your advice in this Readers Respond feature: How Do You Stay Cool on a Motorcycle?

Most helmets and motorcycle gear are equipped with vents, and it's easy to forget and leave them closed. Avoid hot air suffocation by double-checking to make sure your vents are open for maximum airflow. Bonus points if you've got a friend that can check hard to reach zippers, like the ventilation openings on the back of your jacket.

Another less obvious way to get some airflow is to (carefully) stand on your pegs or stick your legs out while moving; that way you'll momentarily escape the stagnant pocket of air created by your bike, which can be significant on fully faired motorcycles or engines that run hot.

>>How do You Stay Cool in Summer Heat?

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