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2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC Review: My Take


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2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC Second Opinion Review: Introduction
2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC

A profile view of the Tiger 800 XC reveals a short mudguard; Triumph says their stylists "were unsure if the element was too closely linked with adventure touring models from competitor brands."

Photo © Triumph

I'll admit to getting a little jealous when Jason Fogelson submitted his Triumph Tiger 800 XC review-- because I was up to my ears in writing, I didn't have the time to put in enough miles for a proper writeup, and so I handed the keys over to him.

Several weeks later, I found myself with two bikes begging to be ridden: that Tiger 800 XC and our brand new long term test bike, the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo. Several of you commented, and I eventually chose the Triumph to accompany me along some of the most delicious stretches of canyon that cut from Hollywood to the coastal town of Malibu, California.

Here's my take.

>>Click here to read Jason Fogelson's Triumph Tiger 800 XC Review<<

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