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2013 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 Review


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Introduction: Triumph's Adventure Brute
2013 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

The 2013 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200.

Photo © Basem Wasef
Triumph's longstanding Tiger lineup now offers a third variant, the plus-sized Explorer 1200 model which joins the venerable 1050 SE ABS ($13,399), the smaller 800 ($10,999), and the offroad friendly 800 XC ($11,999.) An Explorer XC with rugged accessories has also been announced, though pricing is TBD.

What do you get for the Explorer's $15,699 pricetag? At the heart of the matter, this bad boy is powered by a 1,215cc triple that produces 135 horsepower (at 9,300 rpm) and 89 lb-ft of torque (at 6,400 rpm.) Exhaust gets tossed through three-into-one stainless pipes, and after power is routed through a six-speed transmission, it goes through a shaft drive to the rear wheel unlike the 800 and 1050's chain setup. Incidentally, fuel economy is rated at 38 mpg city, 57 highway-- offering an impressive theoretical maximum range of 302 miles based on the big 5.3 gallon tank.

Standard equipment includes cruise control, ABS, and traction control; the anti-lock system can be disabled, as can the two-setting traction control. Other touring-friendly goodies include a 950-watt alternator for accessories with a power socket, an LCD dashboard with an ambient temperature, gear indicator, trip computer, and available options like a tire pressure monitoring system, 15.8 gallons worth of saddlebag storage, a 9.2 gallon top case, heated grips, and a heated saddle.

There's approximately 7.5 inches of front and rear suspension travel at the 46mm KYB fork and monoshock with remote reservoir, and the brakes operate a four-piston, twin 305mm arrangement at the front, and a single 282mm disc at the rear.

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