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Chuck Marsala's 1980 HD FLT, 1989 HD FXST, and 2005 HD FTLT Standard

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By Chuck Marsala

Chuck Marsala's 1980 HD FLT, 1989 HD FXST, and 2005 HD FTLT Standard

Getting older has it's perks

What do you ride? List year, make, and model!

1980 HD FLT

1989 HD FXST

2005 HD FTLT Standard

What do you love about your bike?

Everything, if I don't like something about it I'll change it until I do!

Any dislikes?

None that I can think of.

Where I bought it

The 1980 FLT got from my late father inlaw.

The 1989 Softail I bought new from the HD dealer in Fayetteville, NC and the 2005 FLHT I bought from a private owner.

Why I bought it

The 2005 FLHT I bought because it was a carburetor model, as good as injection is I still like carbs and not to mention I got a killer deal, the guy I got it from was in a bad sitution. We weren't crazy about the color so the first thing we did was put a custom paint job on it.

Tips and Tricks

  • I can't really give anyone advise as to why they should get this bike, as I see a bike purchase as a personal thing. Either you like it or you don't. That's what makes this country so great we have choices!

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