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Readers Respond: Do You Wear a Helmet When You Ride?

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yes - ever since I saw a helmet that had met up with a garbage can in a laydown -
—Guest ezrider


excellent comment sport, Mr Conner I hope that you or any of your family don't smoke , drink alcohol, eat chips, macdonalds, KFC etc. otherwise your insurance should be waved also... (don't like that? too bad)
—Guest daveriddell

Kim C

In England, where I live, we don't have the freedom of choise that American citizens have. If you find your job too stressful whereby you feel that you cannot cope, find a new one, or bang your drum to oppose flying, mountain climbing, swimming in shark infested water, roughnecking and any other job or pastime that your guardians or loved ones may be distraught if you befall an injury. Effectively the choise has to be with the individual to weigh the pro's & con's rather than be "Hitler" dictated by the spuriously elected nanny state" Thank you for reading
—Guest dave riddell

No helmet? A dumb choice

For those that say "I ride carefully, I take my time and I watch out for other drivers" so I don't need a helmet. I suppose where you live you're the ONLY person on the road. No cross traffic, no blue-haired old women pulling out in front of you, changing lanes into yours for no reason, no dogs, cats, deer or any other animal that can run in front of you, no one that wanders out of the oncoming lanes, no oil, sand or gravel on the road, no 16 year old kid in daddy's car that thinks he can beat the red light, ... all you have to do is be careful and nothing will happen to you? I know exactly where you live: in Dreamworld. Riding carefully isn't enough because many accidents aren't caused by the rider. Many are completely unavoidable no matter how careful you are.
—Guest Guest DH

It's not about the law - it's just smart

Absolutely!!! I always wear a helmet - I wouldn't be caught on a bike without one even though here, in Michigan, they recently repealed the helmet law. Many years ago, someone asked "How much should I spend on a helmet?" and was told "If you have a $10 head get a $10 helmet. If your head is worth more to you, buy a better helmet". So for those that don't want wear one, what does that say about what you think YOUR head is worth?
—Guest Willie Lumplump

Go for it ....

We have pills for just about everything - except stupidity. Combine that with ignorance and arrogance and 'freedom of choice' makes so much sense.
—Guest Murphy

I wear a helmet

I wear one because it is the law here. However with my sensitivity to the sun I need a helmet and face shield for skin damage anyway. Since I need that and the fact I don't care for windshields, I have opted for a full face helmet. It would be nice though for local, jump on and go, errands to have the option. This is what I did years ago when helmets were optional.

Helmet Wearing

Yes, I always wear a helmet. I made a deal with my daughter who skis. I promised to wear a helmet when I ride and she promised to always wear a helmet when she skis. I heard from a friend that she fell in Europe and banged her head pretty hard while skiing. It was an easy deal to make for a father of two beautiful daughters who love them very much.
—Guest Rick

Always wear a helmet

I'm a new rider and recently wrecked going 60 mph coming off an on ramp on the highway. Everything was great and I was almost home and all of a sudden I'm making a tight left curve and I got a tank slapper and my motorcycle veered to the left more faster than I could think. I rammed into the cement barricade and landed on top of it with my lower back and landed in the highway slapping my head on the pavement more than I can remember..I suffered major road rash but that was all..I would have been killed instantly with the way I hit the pavement if it weren't for my helmet. You're exposing yourself enough as it is and you have no protection around you..so wear a helmet..trust me.
—Guest Laura

Deer Strike

Face plant and slide into on coming traffic. Try it sometime without a helmet. You probably won't live to tell about it. I hit a deer, but lived to tell, since I was fully geared. The evidence on the full face helmet shows that the impact was above the temple and then face down, shredded the visor and tore up the helmet as I slid, unconscious toward on-coming traffic. Walked, yes, walked away, with a broken ankle and no abrasions. Since then, I've been impacted by two separate deadly accidents, by women, who have chosen to ride without a helmet. What is it with women choosing to be so irresponsible? The choice, is not worth it. First of all, it's out of character for these otherwise responsible women, who are wives and mothers, always nurturing and encouraging others to be safe. What is it about the rebel behavior to be bad ass, whether they are a new rider or a veteran rider? Their families wouldn't choose this. At least they may have had a chance.

I grew up in CA, it's a thing here...

I have always worn a helmet. The opportunity came up to rent a Harley Roadking in Iowa while traveling for work this year so I had to experience the feeling at least once... Open highway, wind blowing through my hair, 90 mph; after about 30 miles I was terrified. I couldn't shake the thought of my head splitting open like an apple in the event that I might wreck; so I pulled into a gas station and put the cheesy helmet on that they gave me and I felt safe. I have never had a high-speed wreck but I feel this is just conditioning. In CA, you never ride without a helmet, you will get a ticket, so you always have it on, and eventually you feel that you need it.
—Guest Grizz

650 maxim

Yes always even off road on trail bikes. i've wiped out and been glad for a helmet. Better alive than cool
—Guest Norm

99%of the time

i live in a state that has mandatory helmet laws, but still will ride short distances without one on occasion. I would wear one and full gear 99% of the time without the law. after seeing the protection my full face helmet gave me when i took a spill a couple weeks ago i may think twice about running to the store a few blocks away without one! Those scuff marks where my face would have been are more of a deterrant than any ticket could be.
—Guest sheafo


I always wear a helmet. My life was spared because of it. You only need one crash to die or become a believer.
—Guest Sevendog

Natural Selection

Get rid of all seat belt and helmet laws. It is just natural selection at its best!
—Guest Jimbob

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Do You Wear a Helmet When You Ride?

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