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Readers Respond: Do You Wear a Helmet When You Ride?

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From the article: Motorcycling Safety Gear
Some people choose to wear a helmet for safety, but many people don a lid simply because it's the law. Do you have a helmet law where you live, and if so, is that the reason you wear a helmet? And if you don't have a helmet law, do you choose to wear one anyway-- or do you ride without a helmet? Let us know! Share your reason!


In 1982, I had a glancing head-on with a 1957 Ford pick-up (back when things were made of thick steel) because he pulled in front of me. My FF helmet was ground down all the way to the styrofoam. The damage was about 5 inches above my right eye so without the helmet, I would be a vegetable from my brains leaking onto the street. Should there be helmet laws? Of course not, people should be allowed to ride the way they want and not what the government thinks is best for them. But I ALWAYS wear mine because for the obvious reasons, but also for the comfort of having a faceshield to protect me from dust, rocks and bugs. I'll leave the "being cool" aspect of wearing only a do-rag (sp?) and Ray Bans to somebody else.

no helmet

I think we should't wear a helmet because it can cause heat exhaustion. As well for people who have breathing problems they have a hard time breathing
—Guest dude


I have a wife and kids who love me and whom I love, consequently I have a responsibility to survive every ride intact. You folks who think you're just to cool to wear a helmet are really just to selfish and immature.
—Guest Jeff Ervin

I want a choice

Wearing a helmet should be an adults choice... I live in Vancouver BC Canada, and there are helmet laws here, BUT Sihk's are allowed to ride without a helmet because of their turbans. I think this is unfair. I was wondering if anyone knew of any religions that aren't allowed to cover their heads?
—Guest TaT

I always wear my helmet

I never rode a motorcycle but I'm scared for my life in my car. I always ride in my car with a helmet on! full face protection! Most drivers laugh at me!
—Guest mmmmCandy

Helmet Choice

I wear a helmet in California, because it's the law ! However, while riding across country, I don't wear a helmet in states that don't require it. I rode for 20 years before helmet laws, and went down a couple times and took care of my head, Been down once since the law, and also took care of my head and didn't even scratch my helmet ! I don't wear a full helmet because I went on a trip once and the whole way, it sounded like parts were falling off my bike and the engine sound was not normal !
—Guest Leanin' Al


We all know the risks and safety factors every time we get on our motorcycles. I disagree with the notion that not wearing a helmet is for vanity reasons. Being a woman with long hair, and living in New Hampshire, speaking for myself, it is NOT vanity. If I go on a day long ride in the heat of the summer, choose not to wear a helmet this time, and let my hair "go", it is a 2+ hr. ordeal, some tears, and a 1/2 bottle of conditioner to comb it out. Is it worth it? Absolutely. The Freedom of the experience is incomparable. I know the accident Stats., I work in the Medical Field. I've read the posts from many of you. None of us like to endure the loss of a Biker Brother or Sister. My friends and family respect MY choice. Wether I go with or without a helmet. They don't have to like it... but they DO respect it. Life is short. LIVE, LOVE, RESPECT your life. Bottom line is this... Freedom. It should be MY Choice.

Natural Selection

I always wear one. It'll be that one day that I go without that some teen on their cell phone will pull out in front of me and airborne I go. I don't like soup enough to want a life-long feeding tube. If you don't want to wear a helmet, then don't, your family's loss, not mine.
—Guest I love my Murica


sometimes i wear sometimes i don't, we have an invention that will firmly wearing helmet will be needed to cut the long story short lets put it this way. The motorcycle will not start if the driver doesn't wear his/her helmet.
—Guest jake

lidful or lidless

an ideal helmet should make you feel safe without making you aware of the weight, limited visibility wind noise and general cumbersomness of a helmet , esp if you are doing errands , waliking around with a helmet is impractical , and leaving it on the bike invites vandalism . So I only end up wearing it for " Rides" with my group and not on short trips and errands.
—Guest El Massri


absolutely, it's my head and I want to protect it and also so no one else will be blamed for my irresponsibility
—Guest Don Branch


yes - ever since I saw a helmet that had met up with a garbage can in a laydown -
—Guest ezrider


excellent comment sport, Mr Conner I hope that you or any of your family don't smoke , drink alcohol, eat chips, macdonalds, KFC etc. otherwise your insurance should be waved also... (don't like that? too bad)
—Guest daveriddell

Kim C

In England, where I live, we don't have the freedom of choise that American citizens have. If you find your job too stressful whereby you feel that you cannot cope, find a new one, or bang your drum to oppose flying, mountain climbing, swimming in shark infested water, roughnecking and any other job or pastime that your guardians or loved ones may be distraught if you befall an injury. Effectively the choise has to be with the individual to weigh the pro's & con's rather than be "Hitler" dictated by the spuriously elected nanny state" Thank you for reading
—Guest dave riddell

No helmet? A dumb choice

For those that say "I ride carefully, I take my time and I watch out for other drivers" so I don't need a helmet. I suppose where you live you're the ONLY person on the road. No cross traffic, no blue-haired old women pulling out in front of you, changing lanes into yours for no reason, no dogs, cats, deer or any other animal that can run in front of you, no one that wanders out of the oncoming lanes, no oil, sand or gravel on the road, no 16 year old kid in daddy's car that thinks he can beat the red light, ... all you have to do is be careful and nothing will happen to you? I know exactly where you live: in Dreamworld. Riding carefully isn't enough because many accidents aren't caused by the rider. Many are completely unavoidable no matter how careful you are.
—Guest Guest DH

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Do You Wear a Helmet When You Ride?

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