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Readers Respond: Let's talk about the Honda Gold Wing image

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Do you think Honda Gold Wings work for everybody, or are they better suited to older riders? Share your Thoughts

wing nut

I ride a 82 Aspen cade and I love it 80900 miles great bike and lots of compliments.
—Guest Frank


I hav owned a 1982. 1100; a 1999. 1500; a 2008 1800; & currently own a 2012. 1800 fully loaded air bag and all. I average 30,000 miles per year and know they are the best Touring bike ever made.
—Guest jimmy morgan

V twin and Wing

I stared out on a Honda 450 then750 did the V twin for 10+ years. Test rode a Wing thats was for sale. Sold every bike I had and keep the Wing. If you never ridden one then you have no clue on what this bike can do. Superior in ride, handling, power, comfort…. Maybe older guys do ride them more because they are more expressive to purchase. HD is about the brand/image (marketing). Treat yourself and give the Wing a spin. No need for gear, do rag……just enjoy.
—Guest Ralph

1981 hond goldwing

I'm selling my 1981 hond goldwing iv done timeing belts,seals for cooling system and thermostate ,rebuild kits for brakes needs miner work plus extra parts it runs good trans works good I'm asking 900
—Guest Mike


I have had a Goldwing since 1989 a 1100 a 1200 a 1500 and a 1800 they are the best riding bikes for the money if you ride a lot
—Guest michael dorris


I have had a Goldwing since 1989 a 1100 a 1200 a 1500 and a 1800 they are the best riding bikes for the money if you ride a lot
—Guest michael dorris

Gold wing image.

Gold wings might be an image thing but I bought it for comfort and ability to carry my gear for a long trip. Also when riding 2 up you need extra room with a woman on board for necesities. I have owned many bikes and plan to buy a YZF-1000 for fun rides but my 1200 limited is the go to bike for comfort and range image well Im past caring what people think and have been for about 20 years 54 so far ;).
—Guest Highgear


I hope not I am getting a gold wing next year I have only been riding 4moths but love the of touring and the image of a gold wing
—Guest Francis


I recently traded my 02 for a 13 model. On my 02 there wasn't an air cooled HD that could remotely challenge it in a straight drag or on the twisties at the tail of the dragon, and my 13 seems quicker and even more nimble. I guess some people just like to spew what they think instead of what they know. 0-60 in 4.4 isn't exactly slow, and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nrMQ3QwyPo shows that it isn't a "boat on pavement"
—Guest KYJellyman

1500 Goldwing

I love my Goldwing...Had a 1985 1200 first. I think Harley should put mufflers on their motorcycles...Half the Harley riders that I see are wearing earplugs ! I'm 71 years young and I will admit that the 'Wing' is getting a tad heavy....I'm gonna trike it out next Spring or over the Winter. -Bill
—Guest Wildbill

Old Man's Bike

Yes they are old men's bikes. You just have to look at the typical rider and passengers. When you add the teddy bears they stick on them, then we're talking old folks for sure. I am an old guy and so is my brother and we both concur. I ride a sports cruiser.

Good Thoughts.

Greetings! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I have been riding since 1972. Am planning on getting a Goldwing next. Ride Safe! GOD Bless.
—Guest nayehieona

Wings over America

The proof is in the pudding as they say, you will see old and new Wings being ridden all year long, all over the continent by all manner of folk, students on a budget, tech gurus, travel junkies, hippies, retired servicemen and everyone in between. Alas, the same just isnt as true for HD whose sole mission seems to be to exclude those who dont conform to the "cool dude code". I dont wanna bag on Harley or the people that love em, big twins are REALLY cool by design. In fact I would sell my Wing and buy a Harley that handles like an Aprilia, stops like a Ducati, pulls like a Moto Guzzi with the affordability of a Honda. Too bad the Buell Blast concept didnt evolve. HD is too busy building an entire motor empire on image and noise. My old, faded 82 Wing was made in Ohio and Im glad that my fellow Americans made a living building it but getting excited about brand names and origin is complex. Just take a look at Mercedes and their Chinese built cars.
—Guest PC

yes for old people

its a good bike if your 60-70+ its only good for the confort its slow, it handles like a boat on pavement. and its heavy. thats not at all what a bike should do imho, not when your young at least. i have a supermoto, enduros, and a cafe racer. the one thing i want as well is a fireblade. bikes are ment for having a good time, sticking to the road, and allot of speed :)
—Guest honest voter

Nothing beats a Wing

In 1978 I toured Europe for a year, from the back of a Goldwing . Trust me, it's only improved since then. I've been on other bikes, but the wing is comfortable, quiet and reliable. Once you've been on a Goldwing, you never go back. wingithome.com
—Guest Wingithome

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Let's talk about the Honda Gold Wing image

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