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Readers Respond: Why Do You Ride a Motorcycle?

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Addiction Satisfied

It makes more sense to me for most people to use two wheeled transportation. Why use 4 wheels to to get somehwere when all you need is 2? And it feels twice as good!
—Guest Josh

Why I can't ride

Just had hernia surgery and have to lay off the bike for a couple of months. I'm goin' to need therapy soon...... I sit on the front porch and watch them go by... lucky bastards!
—Guest Pottamus

why ride

Freedom.handling.power.chatting to fellow bikers. Don't matter what you ride we all share the same passion.
—Guest mikethebikecormack

Its a rush

I enjoy the freedom of the open road. Its an adrenaline rush. Nothing else can compare to the feeling or satisfaction I get from riding. Motorcycles are beautiful machines, its a risk riding them & requires bravery
—Guest Rudi


Riding to me is like meditation,it soothes my mind and clears my senses.It also provides a feeling of freedom and enjoyment.

I Ride

because I want to! It's the closest thing we have (other than walking) to traveling the way that pioneers traveled hundreds of years ago. Every trip is an adventure, even commutes to work. You see things that you would never see in a car. You feel every bump in the road. You work for every turn that you make. Your senses become acute and you take that with you all day.
—Guest Joe Wallick

Its a state of mind.

I grew up on mountain bikes, would, and did ride almost every day. Then I grew up and got a car, the biking went out the window very shortly after. Nearly 10 years of driving pass me by, and all I got from it was the feeling of stress and claustrophobia. I then decided to do the bike licence and it was the best thing I have ever done. Sure there are risks to riding, but nothing comes close to that mind state of being on a motorbike. Nothing and everything go through your mind when you’re flowing those corners together, or opening up that throttle which is directly linked to a power station. Rain or shine, I’m on my bike. Two years and 30,000(+/- 1000) miles later and it’s as fun as the day I started. I cannot understand why people drive……
—Guest L4Leezus

With my son

I'm 70, he's 38. We share our passion for motorcycles on the phone, visits beteen our homes and trips across California and Nevada. Equals, we each have our own handlebars. I usually make enough riding infractions in a day to get a gentle lecture from him at dinner. The time he spends with me makes me the richest Dad I know.
—Guest Redpawdave

It's the right thing to do

Being a rider makes you hyper-aware of everything around you, and overall a better driver. The feeling you get mid-way through the turn when you accelerate to feel the gravitational pull, well that is definitely a bonus. :-)
—Guest CanyonQueen

The culture and the history

I love sportbike culture. Motogp and professional roadracing culture is something I can't get enough of. Being able to flick a machine like that in and out of turns and chicanes especially is amazing! Not to mention being able to go out into the mountains and being one with the nature. Everything about motorcycles is amazing. Sometimes I will wake up on Saturdays and just instantly have the urge to go for a two hour roll around the back country. Nothing else can do that. Oh, and the adrenaline!
—Guest flylikechris

possible hook ups

The only reason to ride a bike is a possible hook up with some strange hot leg but only if they have their own bike. It really is insulting to ride a woman on the back of your own bike. Just another humiliation allowing women to bum using their body as leverage. How revolting!
—Guest soapberryusa

Why ride?

Because its one of the few rights we have left. That, and you just never forget or stop longing for that feeling.
—Guest Lady Rider

Reason to Ride

One word.. "Freedom"- Motorcyclist are the modern day cowboys. Being on a motorcycle is similar to jumping on the saddle of a horse and grabbing the reigns.. yelling "Yawhhh", leaning into the wind and feeling the exhilerating adrenaline rush of speed and scenery flashing by all around you and below you. Like cowboys, who might ride with a group of friends side by side with their horses, motorcyclist do the same. We can ride up next to each other, talk to each other at stop lights, laugh as we all try to be the first one to get to the speed limit from a red light, and point out wonders of nature as we role along the winding country roads. When you ride a motorcycle, unlike in a car, you don't really care where you are going most of the time.. you just ride. . In a car, you drive because you have a destination you are trying to get too.. Yeah.. going for a car ride can be fun.. but it does not compare to going for a motorcycle ride. Add a set of blue tooth headsets-and its even better!
—Guest Mark

Same reason I breathe

Most of life in modern life is so programmed. Riding is one of the few things I look forward to that allows me to step out side the boundaries a little bit. There's a relationship you develop with the machine. The sound, the way it handles, that occasional wide open acceleration when you see the safe chance. It reminds me that I'm alive. Been riding over 40 years and still every time that bike starts, I think, "something's good gonna happen now!"

There's nothing better!

Been riding for 40 years now and still enjoy the freedom and excitement. Plus, find a hilly and curvy road- crank the sounds on my motorcycle sound system and throttle and get lost in the thrill!
—Guest Boatman

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Why Do You Ride a Motorcycle?

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