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Readers Respond: Why Do You Ride a Motorcycle?

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Om Mani Padme Hum

Listening to Ravi Shankar and reading the emotions lived by the brotherwood with all ages from 22 to 90 yrs old, makes me feel that I'm on the right road, I felt each emotion lived by the others as if it was my own. Wd like to add that riding a motorcycle a real big motorcycle on the road passing by beaches deserts countries is a unique sensation. Different fm 4 wheels, riding motorcycle makes friendship or at least improve communications, people generaly comes to you asking fm where you are where you are going, taking pictures, man is cool..I just love it
—Guest Decio Brazil

Because nothing is faster

than my zx10. I've never seen taillights and never will. Everything from high end BMW's to Porches to HD's (even their shitty v-rod); nothing comes close to the performance (straight lines and curves).
—Guest rocketeer

cheap thrills

Been riding since 14 when my Motobecane moped was my ticket to freedom and the open road. Currently ride a Ninja 500, which gets great fuel economy and provides acceleration few cars can provide. (0-60 in less than 4 seconds) Many people would consider the 500 a slow sport bike, and it is. But even a slow sport bike is faster than all but the most exotic cars. I'm looking for a Yamaha RD 350 to fix up and ride. Love the classic look and the old school two stroke sound and smell. And that's another reason why I ride, most people who ride wrench on their own bikes, know how they work, and are better drivers because of it. Many "cagers" don't even know how to check the oil level on the machine that provides them their freedom of personal transportation.
—Guest Turbo6

I ride.. therefore I am....

.... Not stuck in traffic. Here in Istanbul getting from one place to another is a paramount test of patience. When I go to work in the morning by car or any other public transportation it takes anywhere between 1 to 1.5 hours, by motorcycle it's only 15 minutes. Plus you can park anywhere you want on the sidewalk. Also the fact that we pay $15 a gallon for petrol makes motorcycles a very cheap way to get around.
—Guest Enis

Link To My Youth

I had a Honda 750 when I was in my early twenties.I sold it a few years later and every summer since then I thought about riding again.Finally at age 53 I bought another bike( kawasaki vulcan 900) It's a connection to the young me but more then that It makes me feel so alive...I forget about all the crap in my"real" world of responsibility.
—Guest Marcopolo

I Ride therefore I Live

I ride as it's my god given right to do so and no one should be able to take that away from me! Riding for me is a way of life and the people I ride with are the best people in the world, they are always there for you no matter what and we as riders share a common bond and friendship regardless if we just met or have been friends forever. It's a group of people you never feel you have to lock things up or worry about anything as we look out for one another. It's freedom to feel, smell and see the world in a different manner than a car, truck etc(Cage). What needs to be done is make cagers aware we are out there and sharing the roads and they need to look out for us as they would anything else while driving. Riding is no different than driving and should not be viewed otherwise. Yes there are risk with riding but there's risk in anything in life, eating and choking, smoking and cancer, driving and wrecking, Flying and crashing and so on. Leave our right to ride alone it's our freedom!
—Guest Assistchief52

At one with the machine

I raced cars for many years and was often asked what it was like. I would reply that nothing in the world existed at the time. I just become part of the machine. Thats how I feel on the bike. At one with the machine. Its a passion and its in your blood. My soulmate shairs the passion and brings another deminsion to how we bond.
—Guest gearhead

I Ride Because....

It's one more thing that my husband and I can share together. This is my 3rd year and his 6th year riding. Its romantic, its liberating and serene. We used to take drives in the car together, now we just hop on our bikes on a summer's day and ride. Many times, we end up having a nice romantic dinner somewhere before returning home. We have a group of friends that we ride with also--no club or pomp and circumstance--just a group of friends who love to ride! We ride together as much as we can especially during the summer. When I ride alone at times and I find a nice open road--its the perfect "Me Time!" I love the scenery and the freedom, you just don't experience driving a car. Each time I get on my bike, I learn something new about her and at the end of the ride--I feel more and more like a biker!
—Guest Lenore Smith

The Love Of The Ride

I ride a motorbike because....well...I just love it. Nothing feels better than blasting down a West Coast Of Scotland road on a sunny day with the thunderous roar of my Harley making me wanna go on forever. I'm 22, i passed my test and got the harley in March 2011 on my 22nd birthday, and I know am hooked for life!
—Guest Dangerous Disco Dave

Why do I ride?

wind therapy- dogs understand this, that's why they hang their heads out the window
—Guest NightTrain22

I Ride to Affirm my Viability

When I turned 41 I told an acquaintance of mine that someday I’d like to know how to ride a motorcycle. He chuckled and said that was a silly idea. He said I was too old at 41 to start doing something like that. My reflexes aren’t as good as they were and that it would be asking for trouble if I actually rode one. He went on and on basically saying what a stupid idea that was for me to say. Well, the more I listened to his lecture, the more it gave me motivation to follow through with my dream. So I told myself that I will wait until I turn 50 to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Last year I turned 50 and within one month of my Birthday I enrolled in a basic motorcycle rider class and got my license that same weekend. A month later I bought a 1989 800CC bike and the gentleman I bought from coached me to ride it on the city streets. At first it was a white knuckle experience then as my skills improved, my joy in this two wheeled fairylike machine only deepened. I have never dr
—Guest Daniel Tariku

Freedom of clearing the mind

Riding for 62 years from Jawas 1946 to Burgman 650 2009 it seems to keep you young
—Guest ALB

It's a Choice

Because I can. It's America people and we can do what we want to within the law that is. It's the only way to see this great land and not only see it but taste it, feel it, appreciate it. My wife and I do a lot of cross country traveling on two wheels and we meet so many people along the way who we probably would not have met if we were not on our Harley. People seemed to be drawn to a motorcycle rides and want to talk and it usually starts out with, "You rode that all the way here?" or "I used to own one of those back in the days." and you can see it in their eyes that they wish they still did. Motorcycle riding has brought us life-long friendships and provided us a means to meet fellow enthusiasts around the world. Without motorcycling I don't think we would have had that opportuntiy. We are getting older now and our days of riding are limited but are memories are not. We still are planning some awsome trips though. As they say, if you have to explain it you wouldn't understand.
—Guest Spanky


After an hour of treacherous wind today I was asking the same thing. I guess no matter what the weather, just knowing I'm saving a buck makes it worth it. I like the persona, the wildness. It brings adventure when life gets bland. Oh but how I hate side wind.
—Guest Blown Away


been riding since I was 17 and my first bike was a sweet little Excelsior with ascreen . nice bike but only 125cc`s but I learned on it and garduated to the big 1200`s and 1400`s over the years. Now that I`m old and have lots of arthritis and back problems I ride a 750 Shadow 2001Its about all the weight I can handle now but I still ride I am 76 years old and love to ride .its the sense of freedom you get that you dont get in a cage As long as I can ride I will
—Guest MRED

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