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Readers Respond: Why Do You Ride a Motorcycle?

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david harris

love to ride no bike , had a stroke would like to rode to alaska with great freands to watch the northern lites it would by the ride of a live time
—Guest DAVID

its about honour

I've been riding since I was 12. Owned 5 bikes in 7 years. Lost friends. Made new ones. Been in plenty of crashes but nothing will stop me from riding. Its who I am and I'm proud o be a scottish biker. Every biker you pass in scotland will wave or nod. Stop if you break down and share a beer at the pub and a laugh at the pub. Its a comunity culture.
—Guest zephyrmanjam

It's a passion!!!

I've always loved bikes, the sound, the speed, the way a (real) biker always looks so dangerous. Joining a club made me realise the value of a family that stands by you through thick and thin. And riding my own bike for the last year (instead of being pillion) has opened up a whole new sense of freedom and pure pure JOY! I love the purr of the engine, the feeling of actually riding myself, not just holding on as someone else pilots, I love the feeling of being a woman on a bike of her own. Nothing has ever compared to the feeling I get when I ride, even though I am actually still very much a beginner. It's a passion that get's awakened in you and it's a constant hummmmm in your heart that only stops when your bum is in the seat, your helmet is on and your are riding out of your driveway... And yet it's still more than this! To those who don't understand, its pretty much unexplainable... There just aren't enough words! *sigh*
—Guest Dusty (Springs, South Africa)

On top of the world

I'm 33 yrs old and i have been riding dirtbikes all my life and finally picked up a shadow 1100. Riding is in my blood, the rush of adrenaline i get from accelerating out of the corners or passing those big rigs courses through my veins and every moment i spend out there with my baby on those sultry seductive hiways of canada... I'm on top of the world!
—Guest Sunset roller

Why I ride?

freedom, the same reason the cowboy roide his horse and its a priviledge to ride one!!
—Guest robert seely

Why we do what we do

An eternal question When it comes to bikes It just keeps me guessing I have my likes and dislikes But when I'm riding There's no more stressing Oh what a blessing The purring between ones legs Is like music for my fears And I choose to fear not Hot oil Making my blood boil I go from riding to flying In a few seconds or less And then I'm floating No showboating I'm straight coasting And my mentals melt away I'm just in the moment And that's why I ride
—Guest mike v

Why not ride

I'm doing a passive talk on motorcycle riding. I'm tell them about the freedom you feel when you ride and how it is fun can be. How much you can save on gas and all the program if you want to ride
—Guest Stitch

Addiction Satisfied

It makes more sense to me for most people to use two wheeled transportation. Why use 4 wheels to to get somehwere when all you need is 2? And it feels twice as good!
—Guest Josh

Why I can't ride

Just had hernia surgery and have to lay off the bike for a couple of months. I'm goin' to need therapy soon...... I sit on the front porch and watch them go by... lucky bastards!
—Guest Pottamus

why ride

Freedom.handling.power.chatting to fellow bikers. Don't matter what you ride we all share the same passion.
—Guest mikethebikecormack

Its a rush

I enjoy the freedom of the open road. Its an adrenaline rush. Nothing else can compare to the feeling or satisfaction I get from riding. Motorcycles are beautiful machines, its a risk riding them & requires bravery
—Guest Rudi


Riding to me is like meditation,it soothes my mind and clears my senses.It also provides a feeling of freedom and enjoyment.

I Ride

because I want to! It's the closest thing we have (other than walking) to traveling the way that pioneers traveled hundreds of years ago. Every trip is an adventure, even commutes to work. You see things that you would never see in a car. You feel every bump in the road. You work for every turn that you make. Your senses become acute and you take that with you all day.
—Guest Joe Wallick

Its a state of mind.

I grew up on mountain bikes, would, and did ride almost every day. Then I grew up and got a car, the biking went out the window very shortly after. Nearly 10 years of driving pass me by, and all I got from it was the feeling of stress and claustrophobia. I then decided to do the bike licence and it was the best thing I have ever done. Sure there are risks to riding, but nothing comes close to that mind state of being on a motorbike. Nothing and everything go through your mind when you’re flowing those corners together, or opening up that throttle which is directly linked to a power station. Rain or shine, I’m on my bike. Two years and 30,000(+/- 1000) miles later and it’s as fun as the day I started. I cannot understand why people drive……
—Guest L4Leezus

With my son

I'm 70, he's 38. We share our passion for motorcycles on the phone, visits beteen our homes and trips across California and Nevada. Equals, we each have our own handlebars. I usually make enough riding infractions in a day to get a gentle lecture from him at dinner. The time he spends with me makes me the richest Dad I know.
—Guest Redpawdave

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Why Do You Ride a Motorcycle?

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