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Readers Respond: Why Do You Ride a Motorcycle?

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From the article: Why Ride a Motorcycle?
There are tons of reasons to ride a motorcycle-- and I've listed ten of them here-- but I want to hear your reasons for riding. Do you hit two wheels for practical reasons, to save gas money, or is it all about the fun? Share your reasons to ride!


its 2 wheels, add another & the sensation is gone. I'm a biker not a motorcyclist ! Forget the marque, its the ride, no rivalry. Nuff said !!!
—Guest maverick

I Love the Power

I was BORN TO RIDE baby....been riding 3 years and I'm 38 year old female. I rode on the back of my daddys honda as a little girl and Loved it! My husband is my mechanic. I drive a 1200 evo, he rides a fat boy 2013. Motorcycle riding requires huevos and it is in your soul.
—Guest jennifer

It's all about that noise.

I love the sound of the engine going. I like being heard and let's face it bike are sexy. I feel more in control of the bike then my car. The wind in your face after hard day of work will keep you awake. All men riders breast feels good press on your back. Cheaper and easier to maintain then 30,000$ Vehicle.
—Guest 2098

Ride it

People who really know the reasons one rides a bike can't put it into a sentence it's something that involves all of your feelings...it's the one thing I've found is like having a romance you control with a twist of the grip. I've had Harley's for 20 years when I first rode them yeah rumble and power and so were the guys that rode them, now it's anybody who can afford one (mostly people who want others to think they have the rumble and power) now your a part of a wannabe crowd who wears flip flops on a cycle. I own a v max now so i can separate myself from groups of tourists on expensive motors who ride in groups to hide their lack of skill and independence.I'm 52 and have rode since I was 16 and seen,rode,experienced a brotherhood that is way beyond waving bye bye to every goon on 2wheels you pass
—Guest Big dad

scooter riding

I ride a scooter, I know it ain't as cool or powerful as a bike but it's the comfort and lack of stress when in heavy traffic that makes me fall in love with my scooter.
—Guest xrider

Kawasaki zx-6r

Harleys all suck, Kawi for life. I ride because I look cool and people think I can actually ride well. Lol
—Guest Bud


Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.
—Guest atlanta

bubba is a moron

Hey bubba.... You should really learn to educate yourself on junk Harleys and their primitive junk v twin design. The horsepower on your bike is stock at 68 which is a joke and not only that,.... You should do some research on your bike because a large majority of it is made in Japan and China as well as Taiwan.... But go ahead and be an uneducated jackass and run your lard ass mouth about real motorcycles... METRIC BIKES!!!
—Guest HRC1000RR

There's nothing better!

Been riding for 40 years now and still enjoy the freedom and excitement. Plus, find a hilly and curvy road- crank the sounds on my motorcycle sound system and throttle and get lost in the thrill!
—Guest Boatman


To get from point A to point B, Man! Seriously! I've been riding for 45 years. Let's not over-romanticize it. It's transportation. Dig?
—Guest RocketMan

Love Passion Pride Respect

Im a green rider...just 21..but ive done some 25000kms in the last two years on my hand crafted in Chennai Royal Enfield Bullet 350...i ride because i love the freedom the road, wind, and the elements allow...to be one with the machine in its iconic thumping that has been a legend for over 60 years. To my love my wings my freedom...my bike Made like a gun....goes like a bullet
—Guest Tanmay

To Get There

It might be to the store or it might be to peace of mind. The bike is the way to get there.
—Guest fourdog

Toes up

I ride for the pleasure of riding and I ha e been riding for 25 years. There is nothing better than your toes up and wind in your face. Plus motorcyclist are way more friendly than cagers are. I have made some awesome friends and I will continue on in the wind.
—Guest Motorcyle dude

Can't imagine not riding

I got my first motorcycle 3 months after I got my drivers license at 16. That was 40 years ago. Its the right thing to do. Its flying on the ground. I can dip and soar and carve canyon until my behind is so sore, I have to stop for the day. Its being out in nature. And, there is nothing like hitting the top of the power curve accelerating up an entrance ramp and coming onto the freeway at speed or faster.
—Guest Katgirl

Why do I ride (soon)

When i was 14 i came to live in Barcelona, i used to sit near the national street for hours just to see those sportbikes fly by. I just turned 21 and finally i'm getin both licenses (car+motobike , actually i went just for the bike one but they made me a special price on cars aswell so..)Next summer is gonna be a tough one since i have to work hard and afford a sport bike. Someday i know that i'll be sitting on a 600 rr , dreamed so much about it that i can almost touch it , feel it , taste it . The feeling of freedom , being in touch with anything around me , feel that chilly sensation in my skin. Its just a matter of time but i know that it is there, waiting for me. Peace Love Unity Respect !
—Guest 4ld0

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