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Readers Respond: Why Do You Ride a Motorcycle?

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From the article: Why Ride a Motorcycle?
There are tons of reasons to ride a motorcycle-- and I've listed ten of them here-- but I want to hear your reasons for riding. Do you hit two wheels for practical reasons, to save gas money, or is it all about the fun? Share your reasons to ride! Share Your Reason

scooter riding

I ride a scooter, I know it ain't as cool or powerful as a bike but it's the comfort and lack of stress when in heavy traffic that makes me fall in love with my scooter.
—Guest xrider

Kawasaki zx-6r

Harleys all suck, Kawi for life. I ride because I look cool and people think I can actually ride well. Lol
—Guest Bud


Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.
—Guest atlanta

bubba is a moron

Hey bubba.... You should really learn to educate yourself on junk Harleys and their primitive junk v twin design. The horsepower on your bike is stock at 68 which is a joke and not only that,.... You should do some research on your bike because a large majority of it is made in Japan and China as well as Taiwan.... But go ahead and be an uneducated jackass and run your lard ass mouth about real motorcycles... METRIC BIKES!!!
—Guest HRC1000RR

Why I ride a harley

At 72 yrs of age I bought my first Harley.....I have enjoyed every moment. Nothing can match the feeling of absolute freedom!
—Guest Woody

Why do I ride

I just got my harley today.....I'm so good at it I knew I would be cause I'm a roughneck I needed one cause everyone at work has one
—Guest Still Peter

Nobody here.

I am an introvert. I prefer not having people around me, 'cause all they do is talk. With a dark visor on, I can be invisible, a ghost, a fleeting image somewhere in the vast expanse of cars. Inside my helmet, there's no talking. Just listening - to the v-twin roaring, the surroundings, the wind. I ride the rolling thunder, and disappear as quick as I appeared, just like lightning. Without as much as a word.
—Guest TJ


Because i cant afford a plane, and this is the only way I really ever feel free, god knows.

Why I Ride...

The freedom, the wind, the speed. The feeling of flying. It's just amazing. It clears the mind of all useless thoughts, only those necessary for keeping upright are permitted access to the mind. It's just amazing.
—Guest RedRider

ahhhh !!i

it makes my balls feel good !it's a Harley and the only true motorcycle ,sorry all you rice burner riders , know offence !!
—Guest bubba


For me it's not a why because i don't like to explain, ask me instead what do i ride, when do i ride, where do i ride, who do i ride and how do i ride :)
—Guest asyong

space and time machine

It moves me..into times of ,sun, wind ,rain, thunder,lightening ,cold, the wet , dark, mountains,exciting roads ,snow, the different smells in the air, a sense of.. im gone and i wont be back ,meeting new people along the way, and a quite evening relaxing beside my tent by a creek, soaking up mother nature every time i go ,its a space i like to go to, when i have the time go.............still going after 37years, like george said ,im going to quit in ten years! (joke)
—Guest ken

Live on the edge

I love to ride because it is one thing you can do were you are in total control and the master of the moment. Life can be so boring behind a desk so I get out and live on the edge. Life without a little danger is not living.
—Guest Steve

Because it's fun

Only 16 and a girl; I got my first bike when I was 15, a Harley :) I just love it, it's the trill and the other bikers out there, it's like your a part of a club.
—Guest Chantal

All about the rush

I love the thrill. Feeling the pull, flying by other cars or gasing it out of a corner. Like others said, it's put you in the moment and jeez it's exhilarating!
—Guest Bryce

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Why Do You Ride a Motorcycle?

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