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Readers Respond: Are Harley-Davidson Old Folk Bikes?

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Some say that Harley-Davidsons are motorcycles for old folks, while others think the 108+ year-old brand is so retro it's modern. Do you think Harleys look good on younger riders, or is the brand forever destined for the AARP set? Sound off!

Turn or no turn

Being old school , my hand movement is meaning , SIGNALING WHICH DIRECTION. Right or left. I don't wave to every car that goes by!
—Guest Bob

IMO,HDs are for everyone.

After many years of having ridden one,I was quite surprised. My friend lent me his Electra Glide and doing 120 KMs was no problem. Actually,it was pleasant. The so called motto: When you buy a Harley,you buy yourself a lot of cool. One can not take that away. My shovel ('76 Electra Glide) would start loosing parts at 120 KM. I'd like to also point out,that the days of getting 50 MPG are definitely gone. That Glide would get about 35.
—Guest Frank

No!!! Harleys draw seasoned riders

Harleys are for every age group who have a license to legally ride. They are mechanical poetry. Young kids will, at some point, gravitate to a bigger and more comfortable ride. Harleys are built for the human frame. You feel like a part of the machine. Metric cruisers, no matter how cushy they are, feel overblown and somewhat awkard to operate in comfort. I have owned Honda, Yamaha, and kawasaki bikes along with three Harleys. The Harleys always rode good, and had a great center of gravity either single or two up. This alone will overcome the type casting of old folks rides. When solid feel, low end power, and pure functional design overcomes a lousy riding position, and when very poor two up seating become tiresome, Harleys will indeed draw the younger riders.
—Guest Allen


I am 58 years old and ride a Harley Trike. Love the stability--My husband and I have ridden Harleys for 32 years. Not about to stop any time soon.
—Guest Deb

Not Really

I had a 78 Electra Glide when I was 30, single and could spend a large portion of my income on bikes. Sold that bike to pay for a couple semesters of Grad School 20 years ago. Now, I got a mortgage, two kids about to start college and bills up to here. I ride a 15 yo Honda 750 I paid $2k for. I consider myself lucky to have it! Its an extravagance. I rationalize it knowing I save about $30 per week on gas over my car. My priorities are different now. If money was no object, I'd have a Road King for touring and a 600-750 sport bike for tearing up the back roads commuting to work and back each day. In my mind, there are no "Old Folk Bikes." Old folks roll around in what we all affectionately know as "cages." We can all be grateful we didn't fall into that trap! Least not for the 6 or 7 months a year we can ride up here in Northern IL.



Hi Tech

Harleys are for anyone who appreciates the best technology the 1940s had to offer. I am 74, and have degenerated to a 600 cc scooter. I preferred sport touring bikes all my 45 years of riding, but I'm sorry to say, my balance and reaction time are not what they used to be. Broke my heart to sell my ST-1300 last year, but my Silverwing still allows me to feel the wind under my helmet, keep up with the traffic, and get 47 mpg. Yahoo!

Harleys are for all ages.

I had a Harley 883 when I was 35, now im in my 60s and have a Dyna glide custom. In between I have and Kaws, Yamahas, Honda, BSA , Triumph. All good bikes and fun, but I keep coming back to Harleys. There are six harleys, all ridden by 20/40 yo in my neighborhood 4 japan bikes ridden by 20yos. Harleys have always had all age groups on their bikes its just the media looking for stories that create the misinformation. Last week I was in Charleys Harley and all the people looking and talking buying bikes were in their 30s.
—Guest Jack

Harleys for old folks

Yes, they are for old folks that usually heve a high income; youngster love high speed and can afford cheaper bikes
—Guest Luis Gomez

No, they're young studs' bike.

The very first guys I ever saw riding Harleys were young guys (under 35). I never saw anyone older than that riding them until only a few years ago.

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Are Harley-Davidson Old Folk Bikes?

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