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Readers Respond: Are Harley-Davidson Old Folk Bikes?

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Some say that Harley-Davidsons are motorcycles for old folks, while others think the 108+ year-old brand is so retro it's modern. Do you think Harleys look good on younger riders, or is the brand forever destined for the AARP set?

oldfolk and bikes

Come on guys it is all about attitude,i just purchased a 2014 cvo road king and i love it and guess what i will be 78 years young in 2015
—Guest fred hill

The Old Man

When I was 20 I bought a Jawa 250c, and learnt to ride, clean and maintain a bike. Then a 1946 Triumph Speed Twin. Then a BMW R60, which was written off. Then I worked, etc. My bucket list #5 is to spend a week on a WW2 HD + sidecar with wife aboard. At College, in 1955, I helped try to push-start one with fellow students. But none of us could get it to run. Wish I could try now! I hope HD keep the long stroke ic motors in the market. Alternatively, I wish I already owned a vintage Hog, to cash in in the amazing market that will arise when the new LiveWire supersedes the traditional Hogs at the factory door. My bike drivers license is valid. I live in Robertson, a South African country town, and every weekend I drool over the sight of tourists on rental Hogs going along the longest Wine Route in the world - Route 62, South Africa.
—Guest Charles Lipp

Hi Tech

Harleys are for anyone who appreciates the best technology the 1940s had to offer. I am 74, and have degenerated to a 600 cc scooter. I preferred sport touring bikes all my 45 years of riding, but I'm sorry to say, my balance and reaction time are not what they used to be. Broke my heart to sell my ST-1300 last year, but my Silverwing still allows me to feel the wind under my helmet, keep up with the traffic, and get 47 mpg. Yahoo!

Harleys are for all ages.

I had a Harley 883 when I was 35, now im in my 60s and have a Dyna glide custom. In between I have and Kaws, Yamahas, Honda, BSA , Triumph. All good bikes and fun, but I keep coming back to Harleys. There are six harleys, all ridden by 20/40 yo in my neighborhood 4 japan bikes ridden by 20yos. Harleys have always had all age groups on their bikes its just the media looking for stories that create the misinformation. Last week I was in Charleys Harley and all the people looking and talking buying bikes were in their 30s.
—Guest Jack

Harleys for old folks

Yes, they are for old folks that usually heve a high income; youngster love high speed and can afford cheaper bikes
—Guest Luis Gomez

No, they're young studs' bike.

The very first guys I ever saw riding Harleys were young guys (under 35). I never saw anyone older than that riding them until only a few years ago.

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