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Readers Respond: Reader Tips on How to Survive Hot Weather Riding

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Because hot weather can take the fun out of riding, we came up with 5 Ways to Stay Cool on a Bike; how do you cope with the heat?

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you can't change the hot weather .. but you can choose the time of day to ride.... early morning and late afternoon and evenings are relatively cooler . Nothing like a dawn ride ... watch the day start , and park somewhere cool until the hot center of the day is gone . Remember to drink plenty of liquids to offset dehydration and its debilitating effects on your performance.
—Guest Elmas

What to do in hot weather

1. Drive fast-the faster you go the cooler you feel 2. Strap a beer hat over your helmet-old german helmets work great! 3.Drive through a drive-through car wash, but tell them to hold the wax 4.Slide doughnuts over your radio antennae-1 for every 50 miles is ideal and finally ignore any red lights behind you, what's important is what's ahead, what's behind is the past -so let it go and move on
—Guest MaxThrust

Fun in the sun

Ventilated summer jacket (with armour), helmet (with all vents open), fingerless gloves and frequent stops. Avoid bees...
—Guest Survivor

Best Method I've Found

I ride stark naked with a water sprayer. The white flesh adds added safety as I can be seen for miles.


We teach the MAST classes - Motorcycle Accident Scene Training. That also includes pre-ride issues. When you know you are about to ride in hot weather, 95+, then drink lots of water. Not only on the day you ride, but start the day before. Check your urine. If it turns too yellow, take a break and drink more. Or, even worse, when you have a hard time peeing, drink water and take a cool break. Hot weather is serious. You do not want to be riding and over heated. Then you loose attention and we all know riding a bike is all about that.

Staying Cool

Four words will always solve the problem. " Stay On The Coast"
—Guest zzhogg

Staying cool on a bike

The people that use the cooling bandana. All that does is tell your brain that you are cool. Just like hypothermia, it is your core that you need to worry about. The cooling vest is best that is also mentioned in the comments. The underwear also works like what is sold at cycle gear and even spreading your legs while moving. There is also a helmet disc that is made that will help cool your head that you put in the frig or freezer but it is only for your head.

Ride N_K_D !

That, my original titled response post (without underscores), the day before yesterday, didn't make it. I thought it thru, and thought it was quite funny. But now, I'll turn-off the funny hat and swing it sideways. So, feel hot? Not an issue. Here in the South of France, the heat can be really annoying, it may often interfere with the your enjoyment of biking. The summer gear I have is very similar to what a motocross rider might wear. Basically, it is a sturdy jacket with holes in it. Think of it as string vest jacket with armour. All the right places as in, elbows, wrists, and shoulders, are all carbon. The rest is, well, a string vested jacket ! Jeans are problematic but I just wear normal jeans with good quality boots. OK, I know my knees are exposed in an undesirable event but I simply cannot wear the full commando outfit when it's 40'c !
—Guest Nicky

Ride Naked

... except for good-quality boots, gloves, helmet and a factor-20 sunscreen. If that doesn't keep you cool and turn a few heads, nothing will! :-))
—Guest Nicky

Kewl vest

A couple of buddies turned me onto these vests that you hydrate, squeeze out then wear. The sodium polyacrylamide crystals soak up the water and evaporatively cool you. Over 100 today in El Paso, stuck in an accident jam on an old, hot BMW K bike. This vest was awesome.
—Guest GWHayduke

Monks M C

Being a U S F S Hot Shot for 7 years and then a Roofer and now working out in the Desert at a gold mine I have had 40 years of dealing with very hot weather. 1 drink at least 24 oz. of water in the morning with breakfast coffie does not count. 2 always carry water and gator aid. very small lunch and no ice tea or beer in hot weather your body will use a quart of water to digest a meal so you will need 2 quarts of water by 2 pm to stay even, dip your helmet and shirt in water, go on line and read about Sun Stroke and Heat Stroke the treatments are VERY diffrent and if you dont catch the symptoms early you WILL CRASH your bike. 70% of all people who have Heat Stroke and our not treated very fast and properly either die or have permanent organ damage. I have seen persons die from Heat Stroke and I am well traind to treat it. so if your riding and you are thirsty and see spots, headach, and or dizy you are allready in trouble. Stop and drink water, NO food, shade and rest. Monk Doug
—Guest Doug Erickson

Bike A/C on the go

I use a water bottle holder to hold a spray bottle of water- spray whatever you need to as often as you want.

Bonnie Cousins JPC

I have ridden cross-country many times, would ask the gas-station attendant to use their water hose & pour it over my head . Replace my helmet & go on. My vacation always was in June & July. A hot time in the southwest.
—Guest Bonnie

Cooling Bandanas

Yes I use mine. It is called a Chilly Tube and the company makes vests too! chillythings.ca
—Guest Carrie

No such thing

Only wusses would complain about riding in hot weather. You are riding outside with the wind blowing on you. I ride with a heavy armor jacket in 100 degree temps with no problem. To much easy living for those wimps.
—Guest soapberryysa

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Reader Tips on How to Survive Hot Weather Riding

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