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Readers Respond: What Was Your First Motorcycle?

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1st Motorcycle

My first motorcycle was a 1971 Honda 350CL, which I believe is referred to as the scrambler model. It was metallic blue with a white stripe and high chrome pipes. Lots of fond memories riding that bike.
—Guest coalprb

Yamaha Maxim XJ750

'83 Yamaha Maxim, XJ750. I bought it when I was 17 and had graduated high school and was moving away to college. I owned the bike for 17 years and have many fond memories. It was extremely reliable as I hardly put more than gas, oil, & tires into it for 40k miles.
—Guest three west

My 1st bike

1966 KAWASAKI F1. 175cc 2 stroke (pre mix) single. Pressed steel 'T-bone" frame. 4 speed with a trully bizarre 'rotary' shift drum...if you made the mistake of shifting one more time when you were already in 4th, (how many times have you reached for one more gear that wasn't there?) it would go right past neutral to 1st. Even at the blistering top speed of about 70 miles an hour, it got really exciting when you let the clutch back out in 1st gear. Cost me a few pairs of pants and a couple chains. I still smile about it though...first bike.
—Guest Pete

Yamaha Seca II

Though a Honda Aero 50 helped get me around during my college years, I didn't buy my first bona fide motorcycle until just before my 30th birthday. I chose a red Yamaha Seca II because experienced riders advised me to start on a low-powered middleweight bike, and that decision helped me master the Seca and become a better rider, faster. I eventually sold the Seca to another new rider, but I'll never forget how it got me into motorcycling.

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